Nature, the gentlest mother,
Impatient of no child,
The feeblest or the waywardest, —
Her admonition mild

In forest and the hill
By traveller is heard,
Restraining rampant squirrel
Or too impetuous bird.

How fair her conversation,
A summer afternoon, —
Her household, her assembly;
And when the sun goes down

Her voice among the aisles
Incites the timid prayer
Of the minutest cricket,
The most unworthy flower.

When all the children sleep
She turns as long away
As will suffice to light her lamps;
Then, bending from the sky

With infinite affection
And infiniter care,
Her golden finger on her lip,
Wills silence everywhere.

Emily Dickinson



Book Lovers

I love books so much that I could die for them.

Sounds scary, but it’s true.

I can’t imagine my life without a good book.

It’s the best invention ever, don’t you think?


 Life is about enjoying little this,

so a cup of tea, a package of cookies and a good book

is heaven to me.

And do you know why?

Because I love the smell of a book,

and that feeling where everything&everyone

disappear while you’re reading.


That’s the thing about books:

“They let you travel without moving your feet.”


Banana Smoothie :)

For today’s breakfast I made a healthy banana smoothie!

The interesting fact with smoothies is that you can improvise and add

ingredients you like.

So, for my banana smoothie you’ll need:

– 2 bananas

– half cup milk

– 1 cup ice

– cinnamon (as much as you like it)

– brown sugar (only if your bananas aren’t sweet enough)

Combine all ingredients in blender and blend it until smooth.

Bon Appetite!


What is Happiness?

Are you happy? What is actually happiness for you?

I see a lot of people around with sad and melancholy faces…worried by “problems”,

which, in the end, are not real problems or issues that you can’t solve.

And then I wonder, why people do that?

Why don’t you just enjoy life? And be happy by doing something you like?


Who dictates your Happiness?

Nobody. It depends on you. And only you.


Don’t waste your precious time on things that makes you feel bad.

Focus on good things, be positive, do what makes you feel worthy

and you’ll see you won’t stop smiling.

And remember, being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect,

It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.


The Sun Rising

Busy old fool, unruly Sun,
        Why dost thou thus,
Through windows and through curtains call on us?
Must to thy motions lovers’ seasons run?
        Saucy pedantic wretch, go chide
        Late schoolboys and sour ‘prentices,
    Go tell court huntsmen that the King will ride,
    Call country ants to harvest offices;
Love, all alike, no season knows, nor clime,
Nor hours, days, months, which are the rags of time.

        Thy beams, so reverend and strong
        Why shoulds’t thou think?
I could eclipse and cloud them with a wink,
But that I would not lose her sight so long;
        If her eyes have not blinded thine,
        Look, and tomorrow late, tell me,
    Whether both th’Indias of spice and mine
    Be where thou left’st them, or lie here with me?
Ask for those kings whom thou saw’st yesterday,
And thou shalt hear, ‘All here in one bed lay.’

        She’s all states, and all princes, I;
        Nothing else is.
Princes do but play us; compared to this,
All honour’s mimic, all wealth alchemy.
        Thou, Sun, art half as happy as we,
        In that the world’s contracted thus;
    Thine age asks ease, and since thy duties be
    To warm the world, that’s done in warming us.
Shine here, to us, and thou art everywhere;
This bed thy centre is, these walls, thy sphere.

John Donne